Change Log

Change log: Version 0.1.0 (2018-7-31) - Added quest in Witch Woods
- Added pause screen (escape key)
- Added 3 slave slots
-Animations now transition more smoothly from one to the next (not possible for some animations)
- Added some boob jiggle animations when if boobs are clicked on
- Added new music to various scenes
- Added various sound effects
- Shortened 'Arrow' mini-game (I'll pretty this up a bit more later)
-Added 'Journal' in player room for viewing past choices
-Added 'Things to do' panel in Throne room  
 - Removed 'Replay Scenes' from main menu and added it to 'Scrying Ball' to Player room. 
- Added 'Wooden horse' scene (Still a work in progress)
- Added outline and hover-over highlight to clickable objects
- Sped up transitions slightly
- Text can be skipped by holding left control key.
- Various spelling and grammar corrections

Version 0.1.1 (2018-8-24)
- Added Bar Scene (still WIP)
- Added Faye and Sera lez scene 2 (kind and harsh)
- Added crotch rope scene (still WIP)
- BJ scenes now unlock in chapter 2
- Added 'kind' feed option, and made 'feed from dog bowl' unlockable
- Added options page with volume control and windowed mode toggle
-Added credits page
- Added a few extra sound effects.
- Adjusted some of the animations
-Added hint before start of arrow dodge game
- Various spelling corrections and bug fixes
-Added new game icon  

Version 0.1.2 (2018-9-11)  
- Added Fem Dom scene with Faye
- Added Spank scene with Faye
-Added Quest 3 (Ember) -Added Quest 3 sex scenes (tentacle soft/tentacle harsh)
- Added new lesbian rank one event with  
- Added screen resolution toggle and full/windowed mode toggle
- Added 'talk' with Faye - rank 3 only
- Added completed artwork and sounds for bar scene
- Added transition when ranking up, from Throneroom to Sera's room via crystal ball
- Fixed Sera's posture (raised hand) during dialogue scenes  

Version 0.1.2b (2018-9-13)  
- Fixed problem with locked buttons being out of place during 'femdom' scene
- Possible fix of the problem of not ranking up properly
-Added android build Version 0.1.3 (2018-9-30)
- Added Sex scene with Faye
- Added map
- Added Northern Fortress location (WIP)
- Corrected pussy juice appearing without dildo in LezDom scene
- Added art to Player room
- Added talk options for Faye rank 4 Version 0.1.4 (2018-12-27)
- Added rank 5 Sex scene with Faye
- Added Quest 4 (Justice)
- Added Sera's quest 4 - Added rank 4 Lez scene (harsh)
- Added extra outfit option to bar scene (from rank 4)
- Added dialogues for rank 5

Version 0.1.5 (2019-1-26)
-  Added final rank 5 Sex scene (tentacles) with Faye
- Added final lez scene (69)
- Added Rank 5 quest (Justice), with 2 sex scenes
- Added dialogues for rank 6 for 3 final characters for Faye (harsh, moderate, soft training styles)
-  Added Sera's quest 5
- Added Ahegao face post cum for rank 6 (sex with Faye)

Version 0.1.6 (2019-2-5)
- Fixed bug in Spit-roast scene where always resulted in harsh training style
- Fixed bug in Dragon scene scene where 'end scene' button did not appear

Version 0.1.7 (2019-2-24)
- Added 1st round of Seraphine training - 2 sex scenes
- Modified cheat; now allows you to choose Faye's Character, and Sera's Relationship

Version 0.1.8 (2019-3-24)
- Added 2nd round of Seraphine training - 2 sex scenes
- On Main Menu 'Character' now displays inside save slot. 

Version 0.1.8b (2019-3-24)
- Justice pleasure/pain scene fixed

 Version 0.1.9 (2019-5-12)
- Added 3rd round of Seraphine training - 2 sex scenes

Version 1.0 (Complete game) - Added final scene with Faye/Sera
- Added Outro (throne scene and Elf Queen)
- Added thank you page
- Fixed bug; Harsh/Moderate/Kind training was not giving Faye's correct final character
- Fixed minor typos and characters saying wrong dialogue parts
- Added particle effect to start screen

Version 1.0.1 (Complete)
- Updated credits screen
- Fixed next scene button issue in Lez fingering scene 

To play the game:

-Once downloaded extract the files to your desired location on your computer using WinRar or Winzip Useful buttons

Escape key -> opens Pause Menu

Hold left control key -> Skips dialogue IMPORTANT: When playing a version for the first time, you must START A NEW GAME (or cheat) instead of loading. Loading will cause problems with the save. 

 NOTE: (If you're having trouble opening the game on a Mac try this;   Thanks to murals for the guide) 

(When installing apk file to an Android device: Make sure you go to settings, security and turn on 'Unknown Sources' to allow installation from sources other than Google Playstore) 


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could i use 7zip instead of winrar?